Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Monkey Thunderbolt - How to win this slot game

Summary: This article will introduce brand new basic rules of the Monkey Thunderbolt as well as

ways to help you win it.

If you are a great fan of slot games where you always treat as a change to change your destiny, the

Monkey Thunderbolt will be the perfect choice which you do not need any money deposit to try and

then win jackpots. In the case of Malaysia slot games, bet your money and then try your luck. especially,

If you play slot games with instructions, this will help you increase your chances of winning big

prizes. Set your goal to place your money with concentration by using tips and then see the cash to

flow towards you

1. Rules Of The Monkey Thunderbolt

The Monkey Thunderbolt is one of the famous and popular Malaysian online slot games. Many

MYR won thousand of players from this slot game in 2015. It is a casino game which race betting

elaborates an old story about the legendary monkeys which could get to the top of the world in the

time lower than a minute. You just need to place your bets on your beloved monkey. Besides, you

can also place your money for the runner-up and for the monkey which will complete the race on

the third place. Addition to this, the bet panel is very sophisticated, so the players can also place

along with amazing combined odds bets. The rules of this race are tight and strict, along with a lot of

danger so no one thought that the Thunderbolt Monkey slot game would be simple.

2. Tips To Win The Monkey Thunderbolt

In order to play Monkey Thunderbolt, the principal is RM100, so what you should do at first is to bet

RM100 for every bet. You should remember this step. Next, place your bet of RM1 at the lantern

RM100, RM125 as well as RM175. You have to continue to get the winning bet. The average to your

winning bet will be continuous within about 15 times. The third step is to repeat both of the above

steps until you really hit one of your bets expected. An example for you is if you got the winning of

RM100, this means you really have RM100 back. You need to follow all of your experience if you

have done at the third step. At this time, the percentage for you to get the winning in the next bet

may be higher. After this step, you will move to the final step. After the hit you get in the step 3, it is

the time for you to start betting on one of the larger scales such as RM2, RM3, RM4 or even any part

of your capability.

No need to step into a casino because online casinos will allow you to enjoy the fun of this slot game

and try your luck straight from your smart devices whenever you are. If you love ancient stories, love

monkeys or simply want to find out an entertaining slot game, I believe that this game will never

make you disappointed. Now, it is the best time to check your luck and skills with the Monkey

Thunderbolt slot game!
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