Friday, 16 September 2016


  1. Introduction
SCR888 is one of the hottest Malaysia online casinos which is providing the premium online gambling as well as betting experience for the Malaysian gamblers. We are very proud of the international range of online casino games, which contains a lot of games like online slot, online live casino, online sport betting as well as card games in immersive gambling experience. Be amazed with our wide options of your interested online games, at the tip of your fingers when you sign up at the SCR888 online casino.
This online casino is designed to be compatible with the desktop, tablet as well as Android mobile phone so that you can carry all your enthusiasms with you on the go. SCR888 only takes the advantage of the highly advanced security system, which revolutionizes the way we play at online gambles. Linked to the modern creation as well as architecture, be surprised with true to live online casino gaming experience. Enjoy the royal online casino experience with us, whether you are a seasoned player or casual player in order to find out cheap thrill that we have it all. We have been providing high quality online slot game for a lot of the players, which has won the massive bonuses as well as the massive jackpots along the way. Our online casino games as well as live slots are made together with intensive graphics which is compatible with a lot of modern smartphones nowadays. We expect that you can take part in the games as well as win a lot of big prizes everywhere you go as well as whenever you can. Join in our online casino now today. And be our VIP customer right now at SCR888.
  1. There are some of the online casino games we approve
Online Live Casino
With more than 200 charming as well as sexy live dealers catered to your greatest online games with us. Choose from a lot of the casino game fits with you such as European Leocity 88 , Cambodia 988 Casino, European Premium Suite, Philippines AG Deluxe Suite, and many more others. There is no greater way to reward yourself after long as well as tired working days. Take part in the most amazing live casino dealers in the world and have them accompany with you on your smart phone. We will make sure this will be the hottest online casino experience that you can have ever felt in your casino games. Sign up with us now for the hottest online live casino experience.
Online Slot & Games

Nothing is simpler than making much money from your mobile phone by playing online slots and other games. With over 500 games from world famous game software such as Playtech and scr888, you will find yourself drowned in well-known as well as the newest slot games ready first hand with our online casino. We are the authorized dealer of world's top online casino slot games, together with progressive jackpots you can never think of. Sign up with us nowadays for the wide range of world leading slot games.


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