Thursday, 22 September 2016

Game play of Great Blue and some tips in playing

  1. Staking Option in the game
The Great Blue slot mobile game provided by Playtech has 25 paylines with the 5 video reels. The bet values are be able to be completely controlled by players and 0.01is the minimum setting of this slot game. In order to raise your coin values, the only thing you have to do is to click the “Coin Value” buttons that can be fought alongside the display box of coin value.
You are also able to adjust the number of coins that you put into when you play the Great Blue slot game, and then do this again by clicking the “Coins” button that can be seen to the right side of the coin level box. At this time, the coins will raise for each click that you make on this button.

  1. Jackpot Payout of the game
The jackpot that is offered on the Great Blue slot is worth up to 10,000 coins. This jackpot payout will be paid to you when you manage to land 5 of the Wild symbols that you can find on any of pay lines. Moreover, you can also raise the jackpot value by clicking on the box of coin level to increase the number of coins.
The second biggest paying symbols when playing the Great Blue slot game are the Whale symbols. And if you manage to get 5 of these symbols during a spin, you will be given a 1500 coin payout when you play on the minimum coin number per spin per pay line.
  1. Some tips to play the slot game
There is one thing that you need to pay attention when you play the Great Blue slot game online or on a mobile phone is that it has a many type of playing structure. This will need you to put into a stake level which will enable you to ride out the regular long losing base game spins that you will have to endure when you play it, before some higher-valued winning combinations as well as high-paying bonus games are offered to you.
So, the tips for playing the Great Blue slot game is to place the stake levels down to things that will enable you to gain at least 100 game spins out of your slot game playing budget. This is because that will give you an opportunity to get access to some of the higher winning combinations.
In Great Blue slot machine, there also is a drawback of its changeable nature. Just like any of other changeable slot machine games, they are able to lean spells that last very long. Great Blue is definitely an interesting as well as creative slot game to join. Many of the online casino Malaysia websites provided this game to the players, and this is because of its theme that has attracted maximum attention. The game has a theme of marine life with longevity, great sound effects as well as stacked wilds.

In short, there is no reason to pass up this great slot game. Let’s join in one of casino sites like Malaysia online casino and enjoy this exciting slot game as well as hit some big jackpot from that.

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