Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Plunge into the pleasant atmosphere of racing

Among the gamblers there are many who love to race as a sports game. It is for them Playtech and the company unveiled its exciting new slot game titled slot highway king. The whole point of this game is that you have to plunge into the pleasant atmosphere of racing, feel the smell of gasoline and the roar of the engine, as well as look beautiful variety of options for the trucks, which are only possible. It is important to say that this slot is very practical and interesting to many users. Here there is great graphics and audio stream is undoubtedly beautiful.
On the machine Highway Kings
As for the gaming device, it is to say that it consists of five reels and nine paylines. The highest rate on one of the lines cannot be more than five dollars. Also, if the total count at a spin rate in the case of the greatest rates on each of the lines, it will be $ 45. After the player makes his bets, he must click on the button that spins the reels, that is the Start button. It is worth remembering that the amount of winnings of this slot machine Malaysia is directly proportional to the rates that you make during the game, so the more put, so, consequently, more you win. It is worth noting that all the results that you get during the game, you can see in the paytable. Very interesting is the fact that all of them are represented by the winning combinations of different characters (red, yellow or green trucks, the fuel tank, fuel pump, spark plugs, pistons, and other game characters Moreover, on the screen the user can see these buttons like:. Bet Max - make the maximum rate, the paytable - open the paytable +/- - to add or remove the denomination of the coin, bet one - bet on one of the paylines, the Spin - spin the reels and other.
The symbols in the video slot Kings Road
As for the characters, which are, in this gaming device slot highway king, it is, of course, various trucks, as well as the fuel tank, fuel pump, piston, wheel, steering wheel and other parts. It should be noted that the most valuable symbol is considered to play a red truck. In the event that the user can assemble his five characters on a single payline, he will automatically receive 10 thousand coins, which means the jackpot game in the art. It is worth noting that the red truck is also the wild symbol, so if you succeed, you will see how it can replace any other symbols, while helping you to build a variety of winning combinations. It is also necessary to add one small thing: this character can not only replace the scatter symbol of the game Highway Kings - muffler. It should be noted that one of the most important characters are also considered such as yellow and green truck and tank.
Sum up

In conclusion it should wish good luck to the players in such an interesting and, at the same time, not very challenging game. Main believe in what you can and then you will be very lucky in this contribute! Try it now on casino online Malaysia for free.

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