Monday, 8 August 2016

Malaysia online casino: 5 Poker Players types of these games

We will not really going to talk about why people play poker in the casino or Malaysia online casino and casino in other Asian countries, but more like mentality that pushes poker players to play the game . There are many people out there wonder why people like to play poker. However, it turns out that there are five main types of player with their main intention here to play poker. Knowing all of them will help you determine which group you belong to.
Poker Player just for fun
These players play poker in this place or Malaysia online casino because they simply enjoy playing poker. Most of them play for the small stake, or limit or no limit games. Unlike desperately players put their game to make money, they looked very happy to participate in a game, in a Monday, you might think they are there to win money , but then you realize that they simply put them as a prize (most players, about 65% or even higher).
These people just to have fun while they can earn a little money
Like the names of Malaysian online casino, poker players who fall into this category share the same passion with the first group, but they are more serious when it comes to financial matters. The goal of their game: enjoy the game- win the game. They are often looking for games and study essential documents (about 4% to 6%).

Players want to win
Unlike the second category, people in this category is quite similar to the first type of light with a combination of ego competition. They play casino games online Malaysia in this position because they want to win the game. It is not the money that becomes the main goal of the game. They often play at different levels of the game, from a small stake in the "nosebleed" game. The interesting thing is, they feel good even though they take too much time, as long as the game experience responding (15% to 20%).
Players entirely wanting big money
The players go to this place and play poker Malaysia online casino as they aim for the money. The careful study of the game and focus on each game they are in. In the surface, they can tell jokes and do other stuff, but they never really to keep the game. They are fully aware of the risks and opportunities, so they are very careful about the selection of games (about 3% or 4%).
They are the players Pro
This is the most dangerous player in the field of online casino Malaysia. They like the beginning of the food chain. They make a living from playing poker in this place. Money, for them, is everything. There is no victory means no grocery store and no rent (only about 1% of the players).

So, what kind of your player? If you want to play the game different attraction, you can access and participate in Malaysia online casino today. Then you can feel the excitement highest. Join now!


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