Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Relax with slot game Thunderbolt Monkey in SCR888 casino

Scr888 casino is the best online casino, so, you will ever come across in Malaysia. The casino is full with many interesting and rewarding games from Playtech software. With the increasing number of new slot games, gamblers with different wagering style have all found their enjoyable slot games in Scr888 casino. 

Relax with slot game Thunderbolt Monkey in SCR888 casino

If you are beginner, you will maybe be so surprised because of  the amount of slot game choices being available in SCR888. Casino players are assured with great entertainment with more than seventy slot games to select from when they slot with Scr888.

  1. Thunderbolt in SCR888 casino online Malaysia

One of the most well known slot games offered in Scr888 is the Monkey Thunderbolt. Casino players who placed their bet in Monkey Thunderbolt gave some of the highest recommendation for this slot game. Wagering with Monkey Thunderbolt is the slot game which has much difference from other slot games. It is an colonnade style slot game that has a different gameplay. So,  now Let’s have a deeper look into this game in order to know the difference of Monkey Thunderbolt.

  1. Be originated from Chinese legendary race

A Chinese legendary story of choosing the Thunderbolt King is the origination of Monkey thunderbolt. In order to reach the top of the world, a race will be held every 100 years. The one and only monkey being able to attain this feat will come to the crown as the Thunderbolt King which will rule the world for the next one hundered years. However, not all monkeys are eligible to take part in the race.  Only the 10th son of each generation are able to participate in this race. Before the race even began, all the joining monkeys will go through a tough and intensive training to will themselves for the challenges that they will face during the race.

  1. What are Challenges ahead?

On the race day, all monkeys will be assigned with their spot and rope so as to climb so that they can reach the top of the world. It is not easy journey  for monkeys to climb to the top. Certainly, only the quickest, lightest and most skillful monkey is able to reach the top. There are some of the challenges which the monkey will face such as sudden break of the rope and jumbo eagle attack on the way up. When you play the game, you may get interesting and pretty intense at times as a sudden astonishment always pop out.

  1. Multiple bets in Monkey Thunderbolt

When players place their bets with Monkey Thunderbolt, they will be the best choices they ever made. Casino players can place multiple bets within every set of games. Therefore, getting multiple win can be attained with Monkey Thunderbolt slot game in SCR888 casino. Placing multiple bets will also rise the winning chances for casino players.
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