Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Online cockfighting- What is 3D Virtual Online Cockfighting?

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1. How To Start this game?
Firstly, you ought to click the “Create a new 3D Virtual” button above to creat a new player. The system will need you to give five items consisting of your name and your password. Remember to creat  your name simple and short because you will have to pattern it whenever you play.

Importantly, you also need to recollect your password. In the online cockfighting, it is what your soldiers will see when you win them; though, it is able to be changed at any time during this live game. Next, you need to put a picture to deputize you and then press the” Create” button.
After you get into the online cockfighting game, you will be able to view your returns. Your agility and your strength will be two main elements to help you in the battle. In case that you find or even purchase cuirass and weapons, they will be exposed as +number. Money is the total of money that you have got, which will be reserved in the “Shop”. Experience is a way to manifest how good your cock is. Battle cry is what you will shout to your competitors in the battle. The news parcel at first will be kept blank, but if there are assaults, it will be exposed there. You can press the “Clear” button to make your news clear out. You can purchase some of the necessary items by clicking the ”Shop”. After that, you will see a list of weapons that you can purchase. The chicken coop is an important item in this live cockfighting, so if you get it, you will have more opportunities of winning.

2. How To Defeat Other Opponents
After pressing the “Fight” button, there will be two lists of players and game cockfightings shown in this live cockfighting game. In this online cockfighting, the list at the left will require 25 players and gamecocks which are similar to your level of experience; whereas, the list at the right will manifest 10 best players and their gamecocks. Authentically, unless you are suicidal, you will hope to scrimmage players who are close to your experience level. Press the “Fight” button which is to the right of a name to begin a new fight. Moreover, you can type the name of any players who you want to contend.
When your fight is happening, your weapon, strength and even your luck will be compared with your competitor ’s armor and dexterity. Whoever is better will win this live cockfighting game. In case you win, you will take some gold from your competitor. Also, you can also get some of the experience from your competitor. If you have enough gold and experience, your dexterity and strength will inflate. In this online cockfighting, if you win a player who has got a low experience level, your experience will slowly rise, and evenly you will never have stats. Thus, you need to fight players who have got higher experience level than you.

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