Monday, 13 June 2016

How to choose good online slot machines Malaysia

A plenty of online slots produced by the well-known developers may be found at the good online casinos. Several developers will offer special deals to online casinos, but remember that not all the online casino sites will be created in an equal way.

1. The Payout Percentage
Online slot machines Malaysia have different payout percentages that go along with it and while online casino sites do not advertise their own payout percentages, they prefer to give a common percentage figure. If you are patient, you can get this payout percentage figure from the customer support staff. It does actually not harm the online casino when those figures are revealed. In case the casino needs to keep their information available to keep your loyalty, an amount of time will be good enough for you to have what you want. However, you should sort information in order to opt for the online slot machines Malaysia with the highest payout percentage figures. This will surely not give you a winning, even in case you choose the best online slots machines, but it will maximize your winning chance in the short time.

How to choose good online slot machines Malaysia
2. The Max Coin Trick
If you want to beat online slot machines Malaysia, you need to know that it is nearly impossible to beat the slot machines in the long time. If you just want to beat the slot machines in the short time, you should strike it by hitting a progressive jackpot.
Look for online slot machines Malaysia that will give you a progressive jackpot. Of course, do not forget that these slot machines have to be on the list of online casinos offering the highest payout percentages. And now you will get the best chance to hit the jackpot that you selected. In addition to this, you should play with as many coins as possible and then expect to win the jackpot. That is actually the best way to win when playing on online slot machines Malaysia. If you follow this tip, you will surely get the maximum possible chance at leaving the online slot machines with a pocket full of money.

3. The Waiting Trick
After you know two above tips that help you get a winning on the online slot machines Malaysia, it is right time to take a chance to use the third secret weapon: the waiting trick. It is very useful if used along with the other two tricks as I mentioned above. This is because it can make your payout percentage rise up in theoretical terms.
Because players keep playing a progressive slot and keep losing their money, the progressive jackpot attached to these online slot machines Malaysia also keep growing. If you can wait until it reaches a larger size, your payout percentage will be able to increase because of the increased maximum payout. The progressive jackpot rarely increases its payout percentage up to 100% or even higher before someone gets the winning, but it can get haft-way from the point you start at, thus if you can take this chance to use the waiting trick, your winning chances may be higher.


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