Thursday, 9 June 2016

Highway king slot game – play now and make extra income

Nowadays, the need to play online games of people is rising instead of play in real casino. Among hundreds of online game, Highway king slot game is one of the games that searched the most. When you play highway king slot game, you will explore the feeling of become King on thrilling races. And if you like adventure, I sure this slot game absolutely is the game you are looking for.
With Highway king slot game, not only you can demolish your stress but you also can get some money by playing it. Because basically, highway king slot game is a betting game, so if you play with real money, you can earn amazing amount of money than you think.

About general descriptions of highway king slot game

You know, Highway king slot game is released since 2012 by Playtech and now, it is one of games of Casino online malaysia – the well-known collection of gaming. Highway king is a classic and colorful 9 pay lines and 5 reels video slot game. Although you spend a little money but you can get the generous jackpot prize up to 10,000 coins. As its name, the theme of this slot game is about driving cartoon trucks on the highway. Besides, wheels and diesel also brighten up the road.

About the rules to play highway king slot game

To play any game, the first thing you need to know the rules of it, and with highway king slot game is also. Highway king slot game is a simple game to play. Unlike other betting game, you just can bet one coin per pay line in highway king. You also need to know which combinations will give rewards. And in highway king slot game, you have to make winning combinations of gas cans, dice, pistons, spark plugs, wheels and steering wheels and of course including combinations of diesel trucks in red, green and yellow.

Highway king slot game – play now and make extra income

There are a lot of winning combinations but you should pay attention to combinations of red trucks the most. They can replace for other symbols and it also give you double payments on the combinations which it appears in. If you hit 5 red trucks on one spin, you will gain the maximum jackpot up to 10,000 coins as I say above. And the next highest jackpot is 5 yellow trucks with 5000 coins and the third biggest winning symbol is 5 green trucks.

Special features of highway king slot game

As you may know, Highway king slot game offers Dollar Ball Progressive jackpot instead of bonus rounds or gamble. That means in highway king slot game, there is no bonus rounds or gamble feature. The Dollar Ball Progressive jackpot is connected with other game in system of casino online Malaysia, so if you win, you can get huge reward. But I have to say the high rewards is often hard to get, so I suggest you should consider carefully before decide to join this feature.
Welcome to highway king slot game and make some money! You also can play more slot game great blue here.


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