Monday, 23 May 2016

M8win online casino Malaysia- How to beat them?

M8win is one of the most popular betting game machines at any casino sites. Owing to its simple rules, the high payouts and great excitement are brought to each casino players, so it is getting more and more popular. In reality, the rules of casino slot games are easy to understand, even for the new casino players.

All things you need to do is to choose which type of slot machines you want to play on. You will have to choose between

3 and 5 reels as well as the payline number. Would you like to earn some money when

playing on online slot machines Malaysia? Here are some tips for you to apply:

1. Know Well How Slot Payout Works

You know that the payout percentages of online slot machines Malaysia are different from

one another at each of particular casinos. Therefore, the casino players who would like to

beat slot machines must know exactly how they work from some high-rated websites.

However, the casinos have never informed these pieces of information to the gamblers.

Luckily, you can find these hints on the Internet or in magazines. The general payout

percentages will range from 80% to 90%. In addition to this, the other important factors that

affect your success will be your luck as well as the way you choose the online slot machines

Malaysia which can minimize your chances of winning. Most of the gamblers will choose the

kinds of slot machine according to the monetary value. It means that you need to be aware

of the coin number in each round you will play.

2. Set A Loss Limit

Before you try playing any of online slot machines Malaysia for real money, you should make

a plan to set the limit of your money amounts that you can afford to lose as well as the limit

of money amounts you can earn from slot games. More simply, you need to guarantee that if

you win these slot games, you will stop once when you earn money amounts as your starting

desire. In the contrary, if unluckily you lose, you had better stop immediately when you fall

into your lose limit.

3. Set A Long-Term Plan

If you have time to play online slot machines Malaysia for a couple of days, you should find

the best way to use your budget to cover all of your playing time. First, you should decide

exactly how many days you can spend for games, and then you calculate how long you can

spend in each stage. Second, you should figure out how much you can afford to lose in each

hour. You can get this figure simply by dividing the day number you play with your daily slot

playing budget per hour. In case you get 5 days for playing slot games with the daily max

spending of $400, with only 4 hours will be spent to play; thus, $100 is your acceptable

losing money amounts per hour. If you have to pay out more than $100 per hour when

playing online slot machines Malaysia, you should stop playing right away.

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