Thursday, 28 April 2016

Simplify gambling slot game

From beginning, you take step into slot with one goal: finding out slot then your mentality still maintain simply like the time when beginning? I believe that no one can do this. Because playing in long – time then you will be attracted by benefit of slot machine and fall into circle of the bet – bounty. In your eyes, you just have definitions: winning – losing, entertainment is not important with players. Pressures will be made then players will take risks with the situation.
Playing gambling Slot game, if you just want to earn money so finally, you will lose. Seemly because of your greedy, maybe you lack experiences or techniques so on playing slot, you need to be satisfied, know to stop right time, do not risk your money.
Players should maintain entertainment in slot which is better than thing you always think about money, whatever in mentality or in status. If you play gambling because of money, you always think about winning – losing then you will never see whole thing clearly.
The best and most effective strategy for playing Slot game is to bet maximum. If players have enough capital to play this game then this way will help you win more money!
Make it clearly, if the model of slot machine with the highest Rate of Return (ROR) the result will be:
1. eat 100 times.
2. eat 200 times.
3. (bet maximum) eat 500 times.
If you bet maximum, you will receive bigger profit than the bet 1 and 2.
If players play with the way #1 and #2 then betting money will be relatively small but the bounty will be smaller. Slot bounty only is bet maximum, you just have chance to win much money.
Comparing with the bet maximum, if players’ capital is enough for you with this way, you will be won bigger and this is the best way to win big money.
Typically, traditional slot machine just accept 1 chip or 1$, but there are some slot machines which will accept many chips with 0.25$ or 0.1$.
If players use 3 chips 0.25$ to bet a game then the winning probability will be more than using 1$ to bet.
And one more thing, that is you need to base on your luck.
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