Monday, 29 February 2016

Summary experiences when playing Sicbo at casino in Ma Cao

Sicbo gambling skills in detail differs per each person, with the same skill which be used from two different players will have big difference. The reason is from each player’s mentality. Luck is so importance at Casino, Casino online has copious energy and clear mindset then player will be easier to win. So on, you should not play from night to day tomorrow.

I have played Sicbo at Casino in Ma Cao and earned worthy experiences. So on, I hope sharing these experiences with you. In one time playing at Ma Cao, I used 3000 Hong Kong dong, played about 1 hour, at, i left there and won 1200 dong.

And the below is my experience accumulated when playing:

1. Try playing a table with many people, a table just only has 1, 2 people or no one then should not play. That why many people does not believe and try playing. The result is, all of them lose.

2. Should not have mentality that bet on “dai” or “siu”, everything is based on records to analyze.

3. If you are still indecisive to bet on “dai” or “siu”, you can bet on couple or point. That is effective.

4. When knowing any rule then betting bravely and definitively.

5. Do not try playing until end, when winning the capital then using the income to play. Anyway you come to casino for entertainment, not based on this experience to earn money.

The above is betting experience in Sicbo. Each player has private way of playing, in the same way of betting but if betting on this table, the affection will be higher than other tables. The main reason is recklessness! Luck is truly important factor in Sicbo. However the more important thing is recklessness.

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