Thursday, 25 February 2016

Guiding how to play slot game Reel Rush at Casino

One of the most attractive Slot game in present, you could find out Slot game Reel Rush
at online Casino today. Reel Rush bring to you an interesting experience anytime when
you press SPIN of game. There are 480,000 reasons which make this game so attractive
because this game brings to lucky players the opportunity for winning up to 480,000
coins. This is the game which brings to players the new feeling of mint candy and Reel
Rush is one of symbols of classical game which has graphics like real Slot game at

The symbols and winning chain:

There are the symbols: Strawberry candy, Pineapple candy, Lemon candy, Melon candy,
Grape candy and Blueberry candy.

The symbols of candy include the colors: red, orange, yellow, green and violet.

The straight – lines:

Reel Rush gives player the opportunity to win by 3.125 ways. Especially such as Slot
games of Casino then you can play with free credit when playing game or with cash by
recharging money. The betting money at Reel Rush maybe fluctuates from 0.5 coins to
maximum 100 coins.

Reel Rush has many bounties and though that providing to players free turn! Reel Rush
raise chance to win symbols which can be unlock by pressing special combination in
symbol turns. To see these combinations, you just check Pay Table in Reel Rush. Players
could have benefit from the Wild symbols which appear random in Reel Rush and
maybe replacing any other symbols for raising appearing chances Jackpot!

So on, the way for achieving the number is higher than the ways for winning based on
turns: any winning combination in any prize turns with 1 – 5 re-rotating turns. Each re-
rotating turn, the winning rate will rise too.

When you play Reel Rush then you will control all your games. Reel Rush has a visual
controlled board which allows you adjust each your experience in detail, including
payline number – bonus payment lines selected, money value for each betting and
betting money you want to bet. There is something about Reel Rush that reminds me a
game I have played.

However, that is not a Slot game, truly, with Reel Rush, you will have opportunities of
winning many big prizes. Try Reel Rush now with the free playing function at Casino.
Good luck!


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