Monday, 29 February 2016

Summary experiences when playing Sicbo at casino in Ma Cao

Sicbo gambling skills in detail differs per each person, with the same skill which be used from two different players will have big difference. The reason is from each player’s mentality. Luck is so importance at Casino, Casino online has copious energy and clear mindset then player will be easier to win. So on, you should not play from night to day tomorrow.

I have played Sicbo at Casino in Ma Cao and earned worthy experiences. So on, I hope sharing these experiences with you. In one time playing at Ma Cao, I used 3000 Hong Kong dong, played about 1 hour, at, i left there and won 1200 dong.

And the below is my experience accumulated when playing:

1. Try playing a table with many people, a table just only has 1, 2 people or no one then should not play. That why many people does not believe and try playing. The result is, all of them lose.

2. Should not have mentality that bet on “dai” or “siu”, everything is based on records to analyze.

3. If you are still indecisive to bet on “dai” or “siu”, you can bet on couple or point. That is effective.

4. When knowing any rule then betting bravely and definitively.

5. Do not try playing until end, when winning the capital then using the income to play. Anyway you come to casino for entertainment, not based on this experience to earn money.

The above is betting experience in Sicbo. Each player has private way of playing, in the same way of betting but if betting on this table, the affection will be higher than other tables. The main reason is recklessness! Luck is truly important factor in Sicbo. However the more important thing is recklessness.

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Guiding how to play slot game Reel Rush at Casino

One of the most attractive Slot game in present, you could find out Slot game Reel Rush
at online Casino today. Reel Rush bring to you an interesting experience anytime when
you press SPIN of game. There are 480,000 reasons which make this game so attractive
because this game brings to lucky players the opportunity for winning up to 480,000
coins. This is the game which brings to players the new feeling of mint candy and Reel
Rush is one of symbols of classical game which has graphics like real Slot game at

The symbols and winning chain:

There are the symbols: Strawberry candy, Pineapple candy, Lemon candy, Melon candy,
Grape candy and Blueberry candy.

The symbols of candy include the colors: red, orange, yellow, green and violet.

The straight – lines:

Reel Rush gives player the opportunity to win by 3.125 ways. Especially such as Slot
games of Casino then you can play with free credit when playing game or with cash by
recharging money. The betting money at Reel Rush maybe fluctuates from 0.5 coins to
maximum 100 coins.

Reel Rush has many bounties and though that providing to players free turn! Reel Rush
raise chance to win symbols which can be unlock by pressing special combination in
symbol turns. To see these combinations, you just check Pay Table in Reel Rush. Players
could have benefit from the Wild symbols which appear random in Reel Rush and
maybe replacing any other symbols for raising appearing chances Jackpot!

So on, the way for achieving the number is higher than the ways for winning based on
turns: any winning combination in any prize turns with 1 – 5 re-rotating turns. Each re-
rotating turn, the winning rate will rise too.

When you play Reel Rush then you will control all your games. Reel Rush has a visual
controlled board which allows you adjust each your experience in detail, including
payline number – bonus payment lines selected, money value for each betting and
betting money you want to bet. There is something about Reel Rush that reminds me a
game I have played.

However, that is not a Slot game, truly, with Reel Rush, you will have opportunities of
winning many big prizes. Try Reel Rush now with the free playing function at Casino.
Good luck!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Dolphin Cash is a new five-Reel, thirty-line slot machine game with Wild and Scatter symbols, exclusive Xtra Win feature, Bonus Feature round and interesting free spins. The game gives a top jackpot win of 4,000 coins, 40 winning combinations and a marine life theme.

Xtra Win Mode
Xtra Win feature enhances the game's overall payout. The Xtra Win mode can be triggered at any time during main game (click the Xtra Win button) and can be played on max (30) pay-lines merely. When the game is not played with all 30 active paylines, but you have triggered the Xtra Win mode, all lines will be triggered automatically. Triggering the Xtra Win mode invests an extra 50% of the player's whole bet per spin. In return, Wild clones itself on reel five so as to appear on 2 positions instead of one. During the reel-spins which follow, both wilds turn into shifting wilds; the Scatter wins are for each the new total bet.
The Wild symbol Dolphin shows up only on reel number 5 and stands for any other symbol, apart from Scatter and Bonus, to create the best potential winning combination. There is a separate payout for 2 or more Wild Dolphins as well.

Shifting Wild Feature
If the Wild symbol arrives on reel number 5, then during following the spin ,it moves one position to its immediate left. Each spin then shifts the Wild further to its left, until the symbol gets reel number 1, thus finishing the feature.
If a Wild covers a Scatter during the Shifting Wild feature, Scatter winning combinations still pay and Free Games can still be activated. If Free Games are active during the Shifting Wild feature, you return to the feature after the Free Games have finished.  Shifting Wilds won during Free Games are not conducted to main game. If a Wild covers a Bonus during the Shifting Wild feature, the Dolphin Cash bonus can still be triggered.
Dolphin Cash Bonus
If the Bonus symbol arrives anywhere on reels number one and five at the same time in a main game, the Dolphin Cash Bonus is activated. A dolphin swimming underwater and 12 coins above the sea level are displayed. Each coin has a value equal to the existing total bet. Click the 'Jump' button at the bottom of the screen to make the dolphin jump and try to get the coins for you. Moreover, a seagull might appear and pick some or all of the remaining coins, if any remain, and add them to your whole bet. The Dolphin Cash Bonus round is present during main slot game merely.  

Free Spins
Three or more Scatter Dolphin Cash Logos in any position on the reels at the same time activate twelve retriggerrable Free Slot Games with multiplier of x3. After all Free Games have ended, total win displays the aggregate winnings - Game Win and Feature Win added up.  

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Top 2 NetEnt Slots Game to Try

Apart of the great blue slot game online which has been powered by Playtech gaming software provider, there would be other slot games that are normally top picked by many players around the world. By which several of them would be developed and substantially created by Net Entertainment that are regularly known as NetEnt. This Swedish company has been established since 1996 and of course is ranked as one of the most successful online casino software providers. Actually, the company is the first one to pioneer in the online casino software basing on Java which is currently run on Flash and has been used by more than 300 licenses portals. Besides of NetEnt’s achievement in the online casino software, they have recently innovated more for live dealer casino platform which is commonly recognized as NetEnt Live Casino and of course the company has never missed to tackle the new trend of mobile casino then, they have just launched mobile gambling platform which is so-called NetEnt Touch. Up until now, the company has owned a progressive jackpot network which has already paid out at millions in prizes since it has started. Based on the above facts, it might be extremely worth to try the new experience slots online by NetEnt if any.

Fishy Fortune Slot Game Online Casino:  Any slot players who love to play the great blue slot; they might also prefer to play the underwater themed adventure supported by NetEnt under the so-called slot game as Fishy Fortune. By which the game will dive the player in a deep sea adventure video slot game that has been tailored with 10 line video slot and 5 reels to fun-filled of sea creature symbols, aquatic sound effects and of course the great of progressive jackpot as well. In addition to coin’s variation at this Fishy Fortune slot game online casino, the coin would be fixed at 10 for ease to play. Meanwhile, the player could use Linux, Windows or Mac operating system to play this fishy fortune slot on the his or her desktop computer and laptop.

Pirates Gold Slot Game Online Casino:  Alternatively, the player might prefer to get them back to the classic slot features with the Pirate Gold Slot game online casino which is made up of 9 paylines, 5 reels and featured pirate-related symbols. By the way, simply like the other NetEnt slots, this Pirate Gold Slots has also been smoothly played on the compatible devices under the operating system like Mac, Linux and Windows. However, this Pirates Gold has not yet been available to play on mobile applications. During playing this slot game online casino, the player would have the winning opportunity from 23 different odds combination by which it has also offered the extra features to maximize the winning chance by multipliers and bonus round while the wild or scatters have not been available. Nevertheless, it is quite clear that playing Pirates Gold Slot is utmost worth to try as the jackpot is valued at 10,000 and would be paid once five treasure chest symbols have been displayed on any active payline.

New slots to look out for in the coming time

There have been quite a lot announcements for interesting brand new online slots recently and we decided to summarize them here for you to get informed. Microgaming and Net Entertainment are absolutely among the largest providers who try bring us news of upcoming slots. Things are looking quite amazing. Players have been looking forward to the excellent and award-winning Jurassic Park slot. With the success of the newest movie installment in the franchise, it is not surprising that Microgaming signed a deal to develop a new slot.

Keep in mind that, this one doesn’t actually come decades after the movie was launched for the first time, but follows almost on its heels. We’re looking forward to seeing some amazing new features and not just Chris Pratts’ rakish grin.

On the way to the huge success that was Guns n’ Roses, NetEnt is going to introduce us with another rock n’ roll slot. The slot has a launch date of 21st April 2016, so within only two months. We hope to see a playlist again, perhaps similar to the one in the Guns n’ Roses slot. NetEnt actually worked with the rock legend’s family to create this slot and we’re very much looking forward to it.

We are rather afraid that this online slot may offer a background soundtrack which replays the song named “My heart will go on”. This can be a bit tedious. But that aside we are mostly curious about the graphics we will see. Characters will surely turn up the symbols and the Titanic itself has got to be a Wild or Scatter.

There are said to be seven bonus features in this slot, which is quite ambitious. It is said that the slot will be launched in public in March, so you will not have to wait too long to play this one.

Superhero slots by Playtech

The last online slot game for you to look for is Superhero slots, you will not have to go any further than Playtech. They have a amazing range of Marvel slots, but the new launches include slots for arguably the largest and finest of the DC heroes: Superman.We will be able to see Superman I, Superman II and Man of Steel. That, of course, raises the question if Christopher Reeves is featured on the first two and Henry Cavill on the last. There will also be a Green Lantern slot, another prominent DC hero.We are looking forward to all these and more new slots featured at some of our favorite online casinos soon.

The Avengers Slot Machine

The Avengers Slot is a kind of fun slot machine. The music and the sound effects included are extremely perfect. The Avengers slots features six main characters from the movies, Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye. Players also find their leader, Nick Fury on the slot reel, as well as Loki who makes a guest appear in the bonus game.

The way players get to the bonus rounds is rather cool: it is the avengers logo which is called the Scatter, and you have to get at least 3 of them to reach the bonus round. When the first 2 have dropped, the game drags on longer for the next ones dropping, intensifying the music and making it interesting if you will get past to the following level.

With the bonus round itself, where if players are lucky, they can go on playing there for quite some time.You are first presented with about 20 avenger logos, and you have to find three of a kind of the heroes.What most bothers players is that the excitement of win or lose is taken away at some points. Like the screen updates before the actual character has shown up. Not that big of a deal, but slightly upsetting. This slot machine would be quite annoying for those who want their slot playing to move quickly, as there sometimes are cut scenes in the bonus game for example which you can’t ignore. Most of the animations can be ignored, but this also is somewhat cumbersome to adapt to.

Monday, 15 February 2016

2 Slot Free Download Games Best to Try

One of the good selection of online free slots to be included for fun might be tailored with 3 reels, 5 reels, 3D slots and of course movie-themed games like the one that many slot players would love to try and play for the highway king slot free download. By which it has been developed and designed by Playtech and many of slot players have shared their comment that the highway king slot free download is best to practice for fun and definitely best to bet for real money as well. Nevertheless, if any players have still looked for some new gaming experiences for free play and especially for slot game online casino, the new free download games of the below list would be the solution that they will start to pick for.

•Sherlock Holmes Slot Free Download Game: One of the famous slot free play powered by IGT is Sherlock Holmes Slot which is inspired by the Warner Bros. 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie as the Hunt for Blackwood. Apart of its hit movie themed slot free play, this Sherlock Holmes would also be enlarged for both bonus games and icons by which the special features would be additionally set for Instant Wins, Free spins round and Win Multipliers. Moreover, this Sherlock Holmes Slot game have also been provided for 2 sets of reel icons, one is for free round and the other one has been offered for base game play. During the free spin round, the slot framework and the reel icons would be totally differed from usual in order that the bonus game could depict via slot play. Nevertheless, if any players can unravel 3 or 4 Hunt Free spins symbols, they would be automatically rewarded for 10 up to 15 free spins.

•Clash of Queens Slot Free Download Game: Another slot game which is inspired by the fantasy novel or the fiction that many people all over the world would be known as ‘Alice in wonderland’. Upon on the story, the Red Queen and the White Queen have fight against each other by using chess pieces. Therefore, the Clash of Queen has set the contending Red Queen and White Queen as the largest paying icons by which both symbols would be worth from 50, 250 and 750 coins once any of 3, 4 or 5 in their respective symbol has been displayed as the matched combination on the indicated payline. On top of that the Clash of Queen Logo would be represented for the Scatter symbol and would be awarded for 2, 5, 10, 50 coins for every 2x, 3x, 4x or even 5x to be shown up anywhere in any of the five reels. To play on the red queen free spins, a set of 8 free spins to be provided only if the red queen could win. On the other hand, the bonus game shall be given to the player only for 4 free spins in each round. On the other hand, to play for the white queen pick me bonus game, the player would need to unravel the Mystery prizes by choosing any chess pieces via the chess board.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

2 Recommended Playtech Underwater Themed Slots Online Casino

2 Recommended Playtech Underwater Themed Slots Online Casino
It is well-recognized that Playtech Company has been in the IT market for quite so long period of time and once they have decided to develop gaming software for the online casino industry, they could do professionally and substantially with the wide range of game selections. By which most of Playtech casino games are the favorite and the most popular one especially for slot games like great blue Slot. Here are the player’s guide to play and know more on these top 2 popular slot games supported by Playtech, the largest and the leading gaming software provider.

Atlantis Queen Slot Game Online Casino: If the player has ever enjoyed playing the great blue slot before, another treasure of the deep hide of money and mystique in this Atlantis Queen Slot Game is suggested to try. The player could enjoy this slot which has come up with 5 reels and 25 payline video slot to play the game and try to capture a massive jackpot would worth up to USD 250,000. To play this Atlantis Queen Slot game online casino, the Poseidon would lead the player through the lost city namely Atlantis. To get started betting, the player would be allowed to place wager at the smallest of 0.01 and up to the fantastic one of 50 coins. Moreover the game still has the special feature so-called auto play which could be set for auto spin up to a whopping of 99 times. By the way, the important highlight is served for the jackpot per line which is 5,000 coins to win and normally the winner shall be awarded for a dazzling jackpot of 125,000 coins to take home.

Captain’s Treasure Slot Game Online Casino: On the other hand, the player could choose to follow the red-nosed captain for his treasure experience and begin the game with big prizes and wild symbols to obtain and of course this Playtech treasure slot game would provide more winning possibilities to play. At this Captain’s Treasure Slot game, the player would enjoy the 5 reels and 9 payline slot game which are comprised of symbols like torn pieces of treasure map, curved sword, Blackbeard the pirate and spooked steering wheels. Even if this treasure slot game has not been offered the bonus feature like the normal Playtech slot games. But for any players who like the simplicity of real-world slot game, it would be pleasure time to enjoy and ignore the extra modes entirely. Like indicated earlier that the Captain’s Treasure might be light on bonus options while the game has allowed the player to choose 5 numbers out of 49 available. Once the player has begun the slot game, 5 numbers would be randomly drawn. If the numbers were matched, the player would win the progressive as well as the multi-game jackpot. The total jackpot might be varied from the time the player has won. But mostly the average of jackpot would be at the approximately of USD 60,000 per time in its illustrious history.