Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My top 5 Android Slots game

With the expand of Google play market, We could have an access to many apps which are almost free

to access and some apps like "Online Slots game" Can even gave you a profit in return. These are my top

5 Online slot game for android.

Number 5

Best casino Slot machine

 With this app, you receive free coins daily and after every four hours of play as you try to win

progressive yourself to the jackpots!! you can invite friends to play as well, there are 20 and 25 bet lines,

Frequent happy hour and a big bonus game with free spins. And up until now they still kept updating

this game.

Number 4

Monopoly Slot

  Remember The Monopoly? The game you play to richest whilst same time kicking other player ass?

Now it was finally an Online Slot game on android! With a big-Style casino slot machine with a friendly

old face from board game Monopoly! This game got much of premium graphic and sound effect make

you felt as if you were really gone "Ka-Ching" on real machine.

Number 3

Slots- Pharos way

   This is an Online slot with Egyptian theme style. I have to say it got the most gorgeous graphic with

smooth animation and real casino atmospheric sound which will guaranteeing a great experience as you

play. The game also featuring the "Level" system which you can bet even higher and higher as you

progress through game. and also with constant update.

Number 2

Highway king slot free download

  Well, sir. I am no trucker person myself and never much really gone into radio stuff neither. But this

Slots somehow imbued my feeling of being a trucker very much likely. The game was almost the same

with other slots you really known and enjoy with. Highway king slot came with a feature of make you

feel as if you driving  in a truck. With a "Hits" on the paytable which make you feel as if you driving

yourself higher and higher as your progress through the slot game.

Number 1

Fruit slot

  There are two version of this game, For smart phones - and for Tablet user. This is few of slots game

that play quite a bit different from other slot game. There are 10 betting symbol items in the game and

each has a different bonus multiplier. When you start the bet. The LED light will start to run around the

loop and randomly stop which you could see if you win or not by that. And somehow it was true to the

original slot machine (with all fruit symbol and style of game play)

  All of these 5 games have their own unique way of playing and earning. Which is something you really

need to considering much in nowaday if you were to picking yourself one of these game. But I will say it

very simple that you should play what you see fits the most and profit you the most since each of these

game are on a bit different on their own betting table So be CAUTIOUS and checked on that before

begin the game. GOOD LUCK!!!